3 simple steps will help you save $$$ on your next airfare.

I’ve always surprised my friends and family with the true statement such as:

  • I’ve flown from Hartford (BDL) to San Francisco (BDL) for $99.00
  • I’ve flown from New York (JFK) to Delhi (DEL) for $450

Just to discover their eyes frown.  The next obvious question I get is– how do I do it?


So today, I’m sharing with my readers on how to score the cheap airfare:

  1. Plan  your trip at least 3-4 weeks out.  One of the may variables in airline tickets price  is the ratio that the tickets are searched relative to seat’s availability.   If your date is far out, chances are the tickets searches arent yet in peak, hence the ticket prices arent hiked yet.
  2. Use Kayak for initial price research.  If your days are flexible, this will work for your advantage.
  3. Use the cheapest fare from #2, and run another search on Skyscanner.   I’ve always found Skyscanner to be bit cheaper than Kayak.

Bonus Tip: If your Travel days are Monday and Tuesday, this may buy you some advantage on ticket prices.  There are 2 reasons for this: 1) Airlines publish their new fares in the beginning of the week so the prices are fresh.  2) These two days are low-traffic fly days.

Use these tips and drop a comment below if / when you score some savings!

Happy Flying!


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